• 画册目录设计参考【3】 (8)

    Design reference of the album catalog [3]

    In addition to the cover of the album design, the catalog is also a top priority. The purpose of the directory is to guide and check, so pay attention to the characteristics of eye -catching and easy reading when designing, and have beauty. After doing so many album design, we summarized 18 kinds of performance forms and share it with everyone
    Date:2024-03-17   Tag:Album, Catalogue, Catalogue design
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    How to design a good product [pre-made dishes] e-commerce detail page?

    Recently, Honed Prepared Dishes planned to enter the e-commerce platform and needed to plan and design a page. This page is from the brand presentation padding to sell goods on the ground, once molding, once completed. Equivalently, a new brand, from planning to face consumers, all completed. A web page, an e-commerce page, an introductory link to convince customers to buy, or any other page, is pretty much the same principle. 一、Definition and value of commodities Improve the conversion rate of the entrance, it can stimulate the customer's desire to consume, establish a sense of trust, dispel the customer's consumption…
  • 折页制作印刷的常见尺寸有哪些? (8)

    What are the sizes of promotional brochures?

    The common sizes of promotional brochures include A3 (8K) 20%, 30%, and A4 (16K) 20%, 30%. At the same time, a brief explanation was provided for the four page, five page, six page, and cross page folds. The article points out that selecting the appropriate paper size is crucial for design and display effects.
    Date:2024-03-01   Tag:Folding design, 宣传折页
  • 常见的八种折页类型 (2)

    Eight Common Folding Types

    If you want to make foldable printed products more appealing to customers, the process of folding cannot be ignored. Good folding can bring more benefits to the enterprise. The editor will introduce six common folding techniques, including folding styles and folding methods. 1、Fold in half Folding the paper along the centerline yields four equally sized pages, which is known as a folding fold and one of the most common forms of folding. 2、Purse fold Paper is folded in a ratio of three equal parts, with both sides folded towards the middle, which is called purse fold, also known as purse…
    Date:2024-02-26   Tag:Folding, Folding design
  • 用midjourney轻松搞定微信红包封面设计

    Use Midjourney to easily get the WeChat red envelope cover design

    The New Year is coming soon! Are you still worried about how to design the red envelope? AI helps you get it. Let's take a look at the sharing of 58uxd. This article will introduce more understandable methods, so that everyone can easily get a unique and attractive red envelope design. We will explore how to use Midjourney to design WeChat red envelopes to make your red envelope more personalized and attractive. Through learning and application of this technology, you will be able to easily design a unique cover for your red envelope, so that your red envelopes stand out…
    Date:2024-01-30   Tag:Midjourney, Red envelope
  • 今年年货节,家家都是龙01

    This year’s New Year’s Eve, every family is a dragon!

    In the blink of an eye in 2024, the New Year's Day is also here! The New Year's Day is the last wave of events before the Spring Festival, and the last wave of busy jobs in the designer in one year. This year is the year of the 12 zodiac signs, and it is a very important year in traditional culture.
    Date:2024-01-30   Tag:New Year
  • Why is the foundation of product design structural design?

    In the vast field of product design, structural design plays a crucial role and is considered the foundation of product design. This statement is not groundless but based on the key role that structural design plays throughout the entire design process. Structural design not only involves the external appearance of a product but also directly relates to its internal architecture, exerting profound influences on its performance, stability, functionality implementation, and manufacturing costs. To thoroughly understand why the foundation of product design lies in structural design, a comprehensive analysis from multiple dimensions of structural design is needed. Structural design plays a…
    Date:2024-01-21   Tag:product design, Structural designs