The New Year is coming soon! Are you still worried about how to design the red envelope? AI helps you get it.

Let’s take a look at the sharing of 58uxd. This article will introduce more understandable methods, so that everyone can easily get a unique and attractive red envelope design.

We will explore how to use Midjourney to design WeChat red envelopes to make your red envelope more personalized and attractive. Through learning and application of this technology, you will be able to easily design a unique cover for your red envelope, so that your red envelopes stand out among many traditional red envelopes and become a beautiful landscape. At the same time, we will also share some practical skills and suggestions to help you better use Midjourney for design to make your design road smoother.

Let’s embark on this creative and surprise design journey to explore the infinite possibilities of AI technology and design. In this era of rapid development, artificial intelligence technology has penetrated all aspects of our lives, and has become a key factor in promoting innovation in various industries. Especially in the field of design, the integration of AI technology not only brings unprecedented convenience to designers, but also greatly broaden the boundaries of creativity. Taking Midjourney’s raw picture to make red envelopes as an example, the application of this technology can not only effectively help designers save a lot of time and energy, but also stimulate their creativity, thereby promoting the innovative development of the visual design field.

First, the Midjourney drawing tool will be used to create the required material images. In the process, we can generate visual content that meets the requirements according to specific keywords.

In order to ensure sufficient choice space, a series of images are generated using the Midjourney drawing tool. In this way, it will be compared and evaluated by multiple options, so as to carefully select images that are most consistent with the project vision and requirements. This not only increases the possibility of finding the ideal material, but also improves the quality and satisfaction of the overall design.

Synthetic optimization

Carefully optimize and synthesize the selected photos through Photoshop. For example, the fine -tuning of brightness, contrast, and saturation to ensure that the picture can show the best visual effect. Then use the dragon image and the ring structure to create a creative breaking to give the works more unique personality and visual impact. In addition, I also used layer fusion technology to cleverly combine different elements and effects to create a harmonious and layered final cover. This series of fine steps ensure that the cover map is not only beautiful and attractive, but also in line with the initial design expectations.

Submit review

The opening of the WeChat red envelope cover is the Cover Pay Customization Platform of the Cover of the brand. Here, the certified custom party can independently design the cover style and create the cover story, pay the customized red envelope cover and issue it to WeChat users through its own channels. After the user receives it, you can use it when you send a red envelope on WeChat.

After successfully registering the red envelope open platform account, click “Custom cover” to enter the custom page and download the design template. After completing the design, export the picture and upload and submit it.

After submitting the design work, please wait patiently for the review. According to experience, the review process usually takes about 3 hours. Once the review is passed, you will have the opportunity to try the cover to evaluate the final results. If you are satisfied, you can continue the cover of the cover.

At the end

Although this case is relatively simple in operation, it clearly shows the basic ideas of the entire process. Through this sharing, we hope that every user can make a personalized WeChat red envelope cover. With the help of AI auxiliary design tools, it can not only effectively reduce the implementation cost of the project, but also allow designers to invest more precious time and energy into creative expansion and details. Moreover, with the continuous advancement and update iteration of AI technology, the quality and innovation generated by various creative keywords are also continuously improved, which has brought more possibilities and flexibility to our design work. sex.

Future Outlook

In the end, I want to emphasize that we should actively embrace the power to lead the change of artificial intelligence and work hard to continue to improve and learn. In this era of changing about each other, only by continuously updating our knowledge and skills can we adapt to changing challenges and achieve personal continuous growth and development. Let’s accept the baptism of new technologies, explore unlimited possibilities with an open mind, thereby increasing our value and standing firmly in the future wave.

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