What are the common sizes for folding and printing? (2)
What are the common sizes for folding and printing? (2)

One of the commonly used printed materials in promotional activities is promotional brochures. Choosing the correct size for unfolding the finished product is of decisive significance, usually using A3 (8K) two/three freeform drawing/four step formula or A4 (18K) two/three freeform drawing size is more common. These two sizes are easy to carry and watch, and are deeply loved by people.

Two fold page

Two fold is the unfolded state formed by folding paper in half, commonly used specifications include A3 (8K) and A4 (18K). Among them, A4 folding is more common. Taking A4 size as an example, the unfolded size is 210mm * 285mm, while when folded in half, it is 210mm * 140mm. When designing the folding size, a 3mm bleeding space should be left around, which means the design size should be 216mm * 291mm.

Triple fold

A three fold fold usually includes a wrap around fold and a Z-shaped fold. The common size of an A4 trifold after unfolding is 210 mm * 285 mm, but after stacking, it becomes 210 mm * 95 mm. When designing, it is necessary to consider the bleeding position and adjust the width of the inner and outer pages based on a total width of 420 mm. For example, the inner page can be set to 138 mm (1/3 of 420 mm minus 2 mm), while the outer two pages add up to 141 mm wide (1/3 of 420 mm plus 1 mm) to ensure sufficient gap between the inner and outer pages to avoid curling.

It should be noted that not all papers are suitable for making three fold pages, especially paper sizes above A3 or below 4K are less commonly used. Because it is too large for carrying and viewing, and too small for reading. Meanwhile, non-standard fold sizes increase paper waste and cost, making them less commonly used. Among the positive 16K and 8K, the positive 16K/8K is only slightly smaller than the regular size and does not have a price advantage, so it is not common.

By selecting the appropriate size of the promotional fold, better results can be achieved in both design and display. Let’s choose the best size according to specific needs to enhance the attractiveness and brand image of our marketing campaign!