Eight Common Folding Types


If you want to make foldable printed products more appealing to customers, the process of folding cannot be ignored. Good folding can bring more benefits to the enterprise. The editor will introduce six common folding techniques, including folding styles and folding methods.

1、Fold in half

Folding the paper along the centerline yields four equally sized pages, which is known as a folding fold and one of the most common forms of folding.

2、Purse fold

Paper is folded in a ratio of three equal parts, with both sides folded towards the middle, which is called purse fold, also known as purse fold.

3、Organ fold
Paper is folded in equal proportions, like a folding fan, one inside and one outside, which is called an organ fold, also known as a spring fold.

4、Close the door folding
The paper is folded inward on both sides in a quarter ratio, closing like two doors.

5、Double fold
Fold the paper twice along the centerline to obtain 8 equally sized pages, which is called double fold.

6、Step folding
Fold the paper multiple times, one in front and one in back, gradually narrowing the page width proportionally, like a staircase, which is called a pagoda fold.

7、Cross fold
Fold the paper vertically once along the center, and then horizontally once to form a cross shape, which is called a cross fold.

8、Open door folding
The paper is folded in three equal parts, with the left and right sides folded inward once and each side folded outward once, to open the door and fold. Also known as frog folding.