Starry Night Fantasy Gamepad

In the vastness of the starry sky, find the gaming stance that suits you best. The Star Fantasy Gamepad incorporates the essence of ergonomic design to create a gaming companion that is both comfortable and functional. Ergonomic DesignDeeply researched on human body structure and movement habits, to create a grip shape that conforms to the curves of the palm of your hand. Whether you’re gripping or operating, it fits naturally and reduces the fatigue associated with long hours of play. Starry LightThe unique design of the joystick shell allows you to feel the romance of the starry night sky even in the middle of the game. The bright light flashes with the rhythm of the game, adding a futuristic touch to your every adventure. Linear TriggerPrecise Linear Trigger technology for realistic force feedback. Realize a more detailed operating experience in racing, flying and shooting games. Superior PerformanceHigh-speed processors and low-latency transfers ensure instant response to every action you take. Stay on top of intense games. Rich FunctionsCustomize keys to meet your individual needs. One-key combos make you more comfortable in…

Master drawing design

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Detail design

The scene was created in Cinema 4D, with the main element of the product "starry sky" surrounding the background design. Highlighting the atmosphere of the product's main element
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