Solar photovoltaic smart street lights

Solar photovoltaic intelligent street lamp is a kind of road lighting equipment which uses solar photovoltaic panels to convert solar energy into electric energy. It is mainly composed of solar panels, storage batteries, intelligent controllers, LED lamps and so on. Its working principle is: in the daytime, the solar panel absorbs sunlight, converts the light energy into electric energy, and stores it in the battery through the intelligent controller. At night, the battery releases the stored electricity and starts the LED lamp to illuminate through the controller.

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At present, solar photovoltaic smart street lights have been widely used in new rural construction, urban roads, parks, and school venues, and have become an important part of new urbanization construction and smart city construction. With the advancement of science and technology and the further decrease in costs, it is expected that solar photovoltaic smart street lights will be more popular in the future, bringing more convenience to urban landscapes and residents' lives.
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